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Public Liability Insurance

What is it?

Public Liability Insurance is cover for your business against injury or damage to members of the public or their property.

Who is it for?

Designed primarily for businesses that come into contact with the public on a daily basis, Public Liability Insurance is a must for businesses from SME’s to corporate companies.

Is it a legal requirement to have public liability insurance?

Simply put, no. The current UK laws do not require your business to have Public Liability Insurance however, it is highly recommended that you cover your business against potential law suits from damages to the public as these are usually very costly to settle (on average in the tens of thousands after legal costs).

How much does it typically cost?

Your insurance quote is based on a number of factors such as the nature of your business, the scale, the possible risks/hazards, the location of your business, your annual turnover and other factors that detail the nature of how your business functions.

Our team of experts can quote your business in a matter of minutes. To receive your free no obligation quote call us on 0121 507 8706 (Birmingham branch) or 01474 833 322 (Gravesend Branch) or drop us an email on info@abacommercial.com.

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