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Prepare Your Property for Autumn & Winter

Prepare your property for autumn and winter

With autumn and winter on the way it will bring with it the inevitable cold, rain and snow across the country. To protect your investment against the harsh weather and help your tenants by taking these pre-cautionary steps to avoid major damage to your property;

Boiler and Radiators

Essential in most housing and business properties, it’s vital that your boiler and radiators are functioning as normal during the autumn/winter period.

It’s important to check your boiler for any leaks or damage as it’s responsible for providing hot water and heating. It’s usually recommended that you get insurance cover for your boiler to prevent expensive repair bills should anything go wrong. You should also bleed your radiators for any trapped air which can prevent them from heating.

Guttering, Drains, Pipes and Roof

Guttering, drains and pipes can become blocked very easily with leaves, twigs and other debris due to strong winds. Cleaning your gutters, drains, pipes and roof regularly will help prevent build ups and clogs in these areas which can stop water from draining and cause damage to the property.

It’s also important to check your roof for any loose or missing tiles or shingles as they can expose your property to heavy rainfall which can cause leaks.

Insulation and Damp

Most properties will have a loft insulation to help keep heating costs down. It’s vital to check your property’s insulation before the winter period to make sure there is no damage or displacement caused by wear and tear or small animals.

The risk of damp can be high during the autumn/winter period as doors and windows are very prone to condensation from heat and are exposed to heavy rainfall. Damp can also be caused by drying clothes indoors, it’s important to inform your tenants to try to avoid drying clothes indoors as much as possible.

Insurance Cover

If the worst was to happen make sure your property is covered against any damage. You can receive a quote on your commercial property by emailing ABA Commercial Insurance on: info@abacomemrcial.com.

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