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Fleet Manager & Dash Cams

How can your business benefit from a fleet manager, dash cams and telematics?With more and more businesses relying on transport in their daily trade it’s vital to manage your vehicles and drivers to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If your business has a large fleet or relies considerably on vehicles to provide your services you may want to consider adding a fleet manager to your team.

What does a fleet manager do?

A fleet manager is responsible for selecting, sourcing and maintaining vehicles for a business and managing the day to day running of the fleet.

How can a fleet manager benefit my business?

Along with record keeping of all vehicles and drivers in the fleet, a fleet manager will often also ensure all vehicles are road legal and eligible for use and help in the recruiting and training process of new drivers.

Fleet managers can also be a pivotal point of contact for your insurer. Since they are often in contact with drivers and their vehicles on a daily basis they can provide insurers vital information on how the vehicle has been maintained, its condition and specification should an incident ever occur.

What are Dash Cams and Telematics?

Dash Cams are portable cameras that can be wired and fitted into almost any vehicle to record the vehicles surroundings while driving or while it is parked.

Dash Cams usually come in 3 varieties:

  • Front View – records the road and surroundings directly in front of the vehicle. Usually placed behind the rear view mirror on the front windscreen.

  • Rear View – records the road and surroundings directly behind the vehicle. Usually placed on the rear windscreen.

  • Cabin view – records the cabin inside of the vehicle. This can be useful to keep an eye on drivers and make sure they are paying attention to the road at all times.

Telematics or black boxes as they are more commonly known are becoming increasingly popular. Telematics work by fitting a device into a vehicle which then lets you monitor the location of the vehicle, duration the vehicle has been driving, speed at which it has been driving and other data such as cornering speed and braking to help you monitor driving in your fleet.

How can Dash Cams and Telematics benefit my business?

Dash cams can be extremely helpful during a claim as they can often provide hard video evidence of how the incident occurred and help the insurers and police determine who was responsible. This could help you avoid having an incident blamed on you or a false or fraudulent claim made against you if the footage proves you were not responsible.

Many insurance companies have also started offering lower premiums to policy holders that have dash cams fitted in their vehicles as they can promote safer driving if drivers know they are being monitored.

Telematics can also help lower the cost of your premium as insurers will be able to monitor all driving on a daily basis. Safer driving means lower premiums. Telematics can also be used internally to monitor your fleet performance and help increase efficiency or provide better training to drivers to help improve driving.

Why you would benefit insuring with ABA and Add Value to Your Business

ABA are able to offer 0% interest premiums through selected insurers* as well as low interest premiums offered by well-established premium finance providers* when you pay via monthly instalments.

Our in house claims handling service is available 24/7 and a fleet management service is provided to work with transport managers and/or assigned staff no matter the size of the fleet we insure so the business has a well-managed fleet for insurers to offer competitive rates.

You can receive a quote on your fleet insurance (with or without a dash cam and telematics) from us by emailing info@abacommercial.com or calling one of our branches:

Gravesend – 01474 833 322 Birmingham – 0121 507 8706.

*T&C – 0% interest premiums are subject to fleet criteria and acceptance. Low interest premiums are subject to affordability on other criteria.

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