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Fire Safety Tips for Your Properties This Christmas

Fire Safety Tips for Your Properties This Christmas

With winter underway and temperatures dropping below freezing in some parts of the country, portable electric and gas heaters become increasingly popular. According to the London Fire Brigade, there were 819 fires across London in the past five years from portable heaters.

How can portable heaters cause fires?

There can be numerous causes for a fire, some of the most common circumstances leading to fires caused by portable heaters are:

  • Bedding, blankets or clothing is placed too close to heaters and can ignite

  • The heater is left unattended whilst still in use

  • The equipment malfunctions or is faulty

  • The heater has been placed on an unsafe or uneven surface

How can you prevent a fire?

  • Always ensure the heater is well maintained and in good working order

  • Place your heater in a secure location with a level surface away from any damp or water

  • Keep the heater at least 1m away from any persons to avoid any clothing or hair igniting

  • Secure any loose wiring to avoid tripping hazards and knocking the heater over

  • Never leave the heater unattended and use sporadically to avoid overheating or malfunctioning

  • Check if your heater is on a recall list

  • Ensure each room has a smoke alarm and install carbon monoxide detectors when using gas-powered heaters

Ensure your property is protected should the worst happen. ABA Commercial Insurance is a Commercial Insurance Broker based in Kent and Birmingham. Our years of working with businesses have helped us understand the needs of our customers.

To receive a quote for your property insurance simply call one of our branches: Kent – 01474 833 322 Birmingham – 0121 507 8706 or email info@abacommercial.com.

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